Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Red, blue + white....well cream, close enough!

After a recent request for a royal blue bangle commission, I've been inspired to mix the colour in with some of my other pieces for a wee 'british' range. The rings are available now in my etsy shop. Im also going to be sending some to a new gallery opening soon... BOO gallery, castle ashby, Northamptonshire, is opening its doors in time for the royal jubilee celebrations. There will be a weekend of jubilee celebrations so thought these rings would be great for the show. Think 'lizzy' should bag one for herself before they all go! ha! ha! x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

checking in...

Sorry I haven't blogged in ages..had a bit of a busy time with birthday celebrations, and taking a little break from work was great. Apart from that I've just been quietly slaving away in the studio on some new pieces for my show at JAM gallery, Eton later this month. Nearly finished all the pieces now, here's a wee peek at the main necklace for the show-been sticking with the bright yellow colour, it's great for this time of year! I haven't made a massive necklace in ages so it's been good trying things out! The show runs the whole of june, you can visit their website for further details That's it for now - back to the bench and then hopefully updating my etsy shop with some new items - keep a look out! x