Friday, 18 November 2011

Coburg's open studios......only TWO WEEKS to go!!!

I've had a busy morning, managed to make/pack + post a couple of pieces for a shoot for the 'skinny' magazine. It's been organized through 'Papa Stour' so hopefully will get some good images/ press from it!

I'm also busy trying to make some stock for our open studios which are only two weeks away now!!!! Doors open to the public saturday and sunday 3rd and 4th of december 11-5pm, as usual lots to see and buy!! I'm really low on jewellery at the moment as I'm taking part in BOTH chrismas dazzle's this year. London is already opened and has had a good start and for those of you in the manchester area Dazzle opens tomorrow at the royal exchange theatre, hopefully you can manage to get along and have a look!

I'm also still trying to restock places so if your waiting for a 'KAZ' top up hopefully it will be making it's way to you soon!

well back to the bench for now!! x

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

country fresh air...

I managed to escape edinburgh for a couple of days to visit the mum and dad Robertson for their 40th wedding anniversary!!! Congratulations mum and dad x x The views there are definitley a change from my shabby chic leith views!!. It wasn't all county walks and fresh air though...I took my manchester dazzle box of goodies to finish, label and price-that's the real life of a jeweller I'm afraid!

A little taster of what's going to manchester. It's my first manchester dazzle, and I don't have any regular stockists there so I'm hoping that I'll pick up lots of new 'Kaz Jewellery' fans, and that the show will be a success x x