Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Done!! x

So that's the last piece finished for the lesley craze show!!  The 'Hoops + hoops' necklace is approx 22 inches long on a silver oxidised chain, with about 100 resin units....yip that was ALOT of wet and drying!  Now all the work is ready it's going for a wee photo shoot this weekend with william dickson before it needs to be posted off for the show in May.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

finished pieces...

Okay so I've finished a couple of the pieces for the 'special' show.... here's a couple of pictures for you to see!!

This is the 'bubble brooch'- its about 9cm wide so it's definitely a statement piece.  It has what I call a 'reverse dot' pattern in the centre of the brooch, then I've added the resin 'spots' on the corner at different heights using nylon thread which create quite interesting shadows across the piece.

These is my 'mega mix-up earring set!! You can mix and match between the large earrings and the studs.  There is also the extra fitting which can attach to the studs to give a different look.  The earrings are mainly resin with 9ct gold chain and oxidised silver chain.  This is the first time I've used gold in my work, but won't be the last-I love the colour agains the resin x x

Just the necklace to finish now-I've got ALOT of wet and drying to do before it's finished so I'd better crack on....