Monday, 23 August 2010

Dazzle nearly over again!

wangle bangles...£80-£104   resin  w magnets
well it's almost at an end but august has been soooooo manic!!!! always the same every year! the open studios have came and gone, Dazzle still has a week to go so if you haven't been yet get yourself along to the traverse theatre in edinburgh and have a look....!

I've just finished a batch of work for the arts fund which will feature in their catalogue- goes out at the end of the month so fingers crossed its a success!

The 'finger symbol' exhibition is still on untill the 15th september at the Bonhoga gallery in shetland. The exhibition shows the work of over 50 makers and looks really exciting, if you can't make it to shetland they have an online film featuring some of the rings have a look really quirky little film!

I've sent some new pieces to papa stour who have been shaking things up a bit and getting some new things on the site so you should be able to see them soon!

anyways think thats enough information for one night!

soon x