Saturday, 20 March 2010


reversable cerise hoop necklace-spot side...£175
stripe side...
Ive added on a couple of images of a new necklace which will be part of the collection Im sending to the architecture centre, bristol next week. It's quite a long necklace - about 33inch - and the cream resin disc has spots on one side and stripes on the other so you have two different options in the one piece! off to write up the delivery note etc and get it ready for posting!

Friday, 12 March 2010

I'M BACK!!....

new piece on LOVE DAZZLE  reversable necklace..
Hiya!! sorry Ive been really rubbish with my blogging lately!! I don't even have any excusses so I won't bother to make one up!

just a quick up date on whats happening:

you can still see my work in 'platform gallery' in london, really nice space which Sarah Hutcheson is managing. the showcase finishes at the end of this month so be quick if you want to see it!

If your a local you can pop into the leith gallery which will be featuring some kaz jewellery - opeing tonight!

The annual Visual Arts Scotland exhibition is still running untill the 18th of march where you can also see a smaller collection of my work - on at the RSA at the bottom of the mound, edinburgh.

Im currently getting a group of work together to send to the Arcitecture centre in bristol, for a showcase running from the 1st of april to the 1st of june.

And for all of you dazzle fans I've uploaded a couple of new items to the 'lovedazzle' website!!

well think thats enough chat for this time - there's a couple of new piccies up for you to have a look at!

Ill try not to leave it soooo long untill the next update! x x