Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Llantarnam Grange.....

here' a wee preview of whats gonna be in my showcase at Llantarnam Grange! starting this saturday...still pricing the work and packing it up, then be rushing off to the PO. Shabaz here I come to annoy you again!! llantarnam grange sorry if this is cutting it a bit fine?!?!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

busy little b!

slaving away in the studio on a sunday of all days!!!

lots to do - lovedazzle(still avoiding the online form bit - sorry tony!), edinburgh dazzle, spot light show at llantarnam gallery opening on the 18th + the brilliant coburg house open studios on the 7-9th aug!! is there enough time??????

here's a few pictures of my jewellery out on location. think I might try a few more out and about shots!

later! got to get back to the bench and get making!! x